100% Cotton

V.B.Z., 2014, 138 pages

After the great success of the novel The Hotel Tito, sold in tens of thousands copies in Croatia and translated into German, French, Czech, English and other languages, in which she dealt with the issue of war drama and its devastating consequences for a wartime-born generation, Ivana Bodrožić wrote 100% Cotton: fifteen excellent stories about the lives of women in the Croatian transitional society.

Alone By The Sea

VBZ, November, 2015, 341 pages
Excerpt of the novel available in English

Translation rights sold: Germany (Folio Verlag), Serbia (Booka)

Four years after the great literary success of The Maya Calendar Zoran Ferić returns to the scene with the novel that deals with man-woman’s relationships and its peripeteias. But unlike in the voluminous Calendar, here the author doesn’t write the complete life stories of its characters but rather catches them in the key episodes where those lives start to form or refract. The whole is fractured, but the novel is completed and rounded.

An Angel In Offside

Naklada MD, 2000, 174 pages
One short story translated in English
complete translation in German

Translation rights sold: Germany (Folio Verlag), Spain (Baile del sol Ediciones), Ukraine (Folio), Slovenia

Declared as the book of the decade in Croatia while being on bestseller list for more than two years, this extraordinary collection of short stories presents author`s recognizable grotesque world but offering us a more complex and consistent structure.


Fraktura, 2018, 176 pages

In a godforsaken part of an unnamed country, near an unimportant village known only for its saffron production more than twenty-five years ago, suddenly and without an apparent motive, domestic and wild animals started to climb the hill G. and peacefully look at the sky. Electric fence is soon put up around the hill by the church authorities, along with other devices set to keep the animals away, and the miracle, like the nearby Marian apparition, remains forgotten until the suicide of reverend Leopold Hort. We learn about these events, their background and another suicide during the first apparition, in the last word at the trial against Albert Koc.

Blank Map: A Road Sonnet

Fraktura, 2016, 240 pages

Translation rights sold: Serbia (Kontrast)

One of the best Croatian poets of his generation explores identity, cosmopolitanism and homeland.
Travelling with Marko Pogačar means being able to see the world as a blank map, reading a journey as if it were a road sonnet.


Naklada MD, 2001, 64 pages
English translation available

Translation rights sold: Germany (Wieser Verlag, Klagenfurt, 2008.), Macedonia (Makedonska reč, Skopje, 2008.), Slovenia (Litera, Maribor, 2001), Serbia (Naklada Profil, Belgrade 2008.)

This collection of poems presents the reader with that part of male-female relations we could, in line with the title of the collection, without hesitation call butchering, a mutual tattoo, a fight for the right of the voice of the Other.
This is a narrative poetry that will appeal to the readers of Henry Miller, Charles Bukowski, Anais Nin or Raymond Carver.

Circus Columbia

Feral Tribune, 2003, 110 pages
complete translation available in Spanish and Italian

Translation rights sold: Italy (Bottega Errante), Spain (Sajalin Editores), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Civitas), Serbia (with other stories, Red Box)

A political and romantic saga that covers the end of a century which tragically announced the beginning of a new era in the Balkans. Written is prose typical of the best of Bosnian writers – as the Nobel prize winning author Ivo Andrić – in its method of storytelling, in its creation and development of character, its consistent plot and specific sense of calm when presenting even the most disturbing content. 

Dark Mother Earth

OceanMore, 2017, 296 pages
Complete English translation available

Translation rights sold: World rights (Amazon Crossing), excluding Germany

“Črna mati zemla” is a novel about Matija Dolenčec, a successful young writer struggling to overcome his creative and emotional block by reaching for his own, deeply repressed and forgotten story which was compensated by inventing all of his other stories. It’s a story about a personal journey from a bright, alienated, casual and urban place into one that is dark, intimate, essential and rural.


Konzor, 2011, 218 pages

Doggiestyle, a collection of urban short stories, is filled with naturalistic details. In a dynamic rhythm, the stories from this debutant book dive into places of intimacy, portray male friendships and wartime and post-war chaos in which both the body and soul get damaged. These stories take gory news headlines and form their plots around them. This is all done with a constantly present dark sense of humour and on a familiar social, war-time and transitional background.


Fraktura, 2016, 96 pages
selection of poems available in English

Translation rights sold: Macedonia (Makedonika litera), Slovenia (Apokalipsa)

Drago Glamuzina writes about people who still feel, pay the price for each pleasure, suffer, but also live and yearn for the Other. They are the people whose life does not end in the moment when all the computers and smartphones are turned off. They continue to search for that elusive thing which still, like a never lost experience, offers the mystery of non-repeatability.

Farewell, Cowboy

Algoritam, November, 2010, 208 pages
Full English translation and French sample available

Translation rights sold: UK (Istros Books), USA (McSweeney’s), Italy (L’Asino d’oro edizioni), Germany (Voland&Quist), France (JC Lattes), Spain (Baila del Sol), Netherlands (Bananafish), Sweden (Gavrilo förlag), Serbia (Laguna), Slovenia (Littera), Bulgaria (Ergo Books), Hungary (Europa Kiado)

Winner of Prix du premier roman en littérature étrangère 2020
One of the 100 best Slavic Novels of All Time
Winner of T-Portal Award for best Croatian novel

Savičević playfully transposes the genre of a traditional Western drama onto the contemporary world, challenging the omnipotent heroes of childhood and questioning what constitutes heroism today. Her shabby seaside hometown provides the perfect backdrop for this tale of loss and redemption, redolent of transient glamour and unrealised small-town dreams.

Forest Spirit

Laguna, 2006, 184 pages
19-pages excerpt available in English

Bosnian Writers’ Association Book of the Year
Shortlisted for “Jutarnji list” literary award
Shortlisted for The Meša Selimović Award

A cruel yet gentle story of Belgrade, street fights and growing up just to build the male ego, ending in a besieged Sarajevo, where the ones that are different and seemingly weaker prove to be the strongest and the best in the bunch.

God Will Not Help

Algoritam, 2012, 144 pages

Translation rights sold: Serbia (Književna radionica Rašić), Slovenia (V.B.Z.), Ukraine (Vydavnytstvo 21)

The rustle of death and nature that imperceptibly claims back the world.
The award-winning poet translated into thirty languages shows a new prose face. Eleven short stories that make up this collection offer a new technique of exposing the dishevelled reality.


Goldfeeder is an authentic story about the world of rich and famous people, the world of fashion and crime, and the story is told from the perspective of the son of one of the richest people in Eastern Europe.

The book also reveals the hidden truth of the situation in the countries beyond the Iron Curtain. Additionally, the book has a trailer reminiscent of that of a box office Hollywood movie. The book is currently being translated into English by Traci Speed, an American-born lecturer at the University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski”. After that the book was published in Amazon, where has climbed for a short time to the 76th position in Amazon’s “Free in Kindle Store” TOP 100 ranking, while at the same time it was in the first position in a total of three categories – Organized Crime, Conspiracy Thrillers, Contemporary Urban Fiction.

Gypsy, But the Fairest of Them All

OceanMore, 2016, 400 pages
Sample English and French translation available

Translation rights sold: Hungary (Metropolis Media), Norway (Cappelen Damm), Slovenia (Beletrina), Serbia (Književna radionica Rašić), Bulgaria (Paradox)
Option publisher: Amazon Crossing (WEL)
Film/TV rights sold to Antitalent

T-portal Best Novel Award
Ksaver Šandor Gjalski Award
Fran Galović Award

Gypsy, But the Fairest of Them All by Kristian Novak is strictly speaking a crime novel, with a central enigma of brutal murders of several Johns Doe – because victims without faces are hard to identify – and an overarching investigation. But don’t be too quick to label it, because this is a thriller as much as Crime and Punishment.


Durieux, 2013, 176 pages
30-pages excerpt available in English

Translation rights sold: UK (Abibiman Publishing), Greece (Kastaniotis), Slovenia (Apokalipsa)

Harmattan is a novel about a young Nigerian emigrant Uhunoma who, after a couple of years spent strayed across the Old Continent in search of a better life, ends up in a German prison somewhere in Bavaria for not having valid documents required for staying in the territory of the EU. In prison, she meets women from around the world, each carrying their own burden of remorse, bitterness and frustration with being imprisoned.

Hotel Tito

Profil International, 2010, 188 pages
15-pages long excerpt in English
complete German, French, Danish and Italian translation
International rights: Zsolnay Verlag/Deuticke Verlag, Annette Lechner, Annette.Lechner@zsolnay.at
US and UK rights: Corto Literary

Translation rights sold: Germany (Hanser), France (Acte Sud), Denmark (Tiderne Skifter), Hungary (Libri), Czech (Paseka), Slovenia (Modrijan), Serbia (Rende), Macedonia (Magor), Turkey (Aylak Adam), USA (Seven Stories Press), Italy (Sellerio Editore)

Ivana Bodrožić describes the banality of war. Her debut novel is the deeply unsettling story of a young girl growing up in times of conflict who nevertheless clings to hope and courage throughout.

I Dreamed Of The Elephants

Naklada Ljevak, 2011, 256 pages
complete translation available in German and Spanish

Translation rights sold: Spain (Sajalin Editores), Germany (Kunstmann Verlag), Hungary (Europa Konyvkiado)

A crime novel but also a great literary and social study of traumatic times in Croatia and its characters. A revealing story about the pathological affinities between the secret services and politics that have the elusive appeal of organized crime: typical social-pathological phenomena.

In a Sentimental Mood

Sandorf, 2017, 74 pages

excerpt available in English

What are the conditions for love and what kind of emancipatory potential can it bring about in a generation inseparably marked by war? Ivana Bodrožić relies on jazz standards to tackle these unpinnable questions, the dominant tone of her book finely imbued by the titular Duke Ellington’s 1935 classic.


Profil International, 2009, 273 pages

This is a story of three friends who are all pushing their forties. They are childish, egocentric, narcissistic, irresponsible and sometimes even ruthlessly selfish. They’ve left behind them, in sum, one failed marriage and a ton of failed relationships. All in all, they are in the middle of a serious mid-life crisis.

Love Around the World

KEK, 2021, 330 pages
excerpt in English

Film Rights sold: BETA FILM
TV rights sold
: ARTE Television network

A newlywed couple turned their honeymoon into a journey around the world, an odyssey which explores the idea of love in different cultures, through the lens of various customs and beliefs. Journey in a search of the fundamental question of human existence: what is love?

Made in Slovenia

Beletrina, 2007, 190 pages

Translation rights sold: Poland (Biblioteka Balkan), Serbia (Rende), Czech Republic (Duhapress), Macedonia (Magor)

In short story collection Made in Slovenia Aleš Čar did something that is very difficult to do – he caught Zeitgeist on three printed pages (which is the length of the stories), he caught daily routines into fiction starting with public news accessible to everyone and finishing with private worlds and little stories with an emphasis on the individuals and their destiny.

Mallow Colour Of Nothing

Feral Tribune, 2007, 140 pages

Mallow Colour of Nothing is a collection of three stories (Green CastlePlease, Try and SleepAs Nothing Ever Happened), in part relying on the Đikić’s novel regarding a subject that is once more, but not always directly, connected to the war; the narrative style here is focused on changes of narrative division, time perspectives and certain inherited traditions of oral Bosnian storytelling. 

My Game. Autobiography of Luka Modrić

Hermes, 2019, 340 pages
20-pages excerpt available in English

Translation rights sold: Croatia (Hermes), UK & Commonwealth (Bloomsbury UK), France (Talent Éditions), Hungary (Helikon), Italy (Sperling & Kupfer), The Netherlands (Kosmos Uitgevers), Japan (Toho Shuppan), Korea (Hans Media), Poland (Wydawnictwo Znak), Czech Republic (Nakladatelstvi Prah),
Russia (Eksmo), Slovenia (Učila), Estonia (Helios), Bulgaria (Kragozor), Sweden (Idrottsförlaget), Spain (Roca Editorial), Vietnam (Tri Publishing House), China (People’s Daily Press), Bulgarian audio (Storytel), Turkey (Tuhaf Kitap), Germany (Edel Books)

Foreword by Sir Alex Ferguson
Blurbs by football stars Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema, Marcelo, Toni Kroos, Raphaël Varane

World’s best footballer tells his story of perseverance against all odds.

Luka Modrić recently made football history when he won all four top honours for world’s best player, becoming the first to receive them all in a single year: World Cup Golden Ball, The Best FIFA Men’s Player award, UEFA Men’s Player of the Year Award and Ballon d’Or. This Croatian player brought his small country to the Russia World Cup finals and is a crucial midfielder for Real Madrid, the club in which he won numerous Champions Leagues and other trophies, rightfully earning the title of the best. But his rise to fame did not come easy.

On Tolerability

Beletrina, 2011, 257 pages

30-pages excerpt available in English

A novel of complex structure that portrays one family’s extensive saga, following four generations through a period of hundred years, scattered throughout Europe.

Out of order

Beletrina, 2003, 168 pages

Two stories translated in English

Three stories translated in German

One story translated in Spanish

Translation rights sold: Poland (Wojciech Domachowski), Croatia (Fraktura)

Out of order is a shorty story collection with modern anti-heroes who are striving for safety and luck being disabled to achieve it by their tragic everyday life and the remains of transition. Very critical to characters. passiveness and addictions, Čar puts to question the status of young middle class population, their role in the urban city life as well as their resignation and unfulfilled emotional relationships.

Quiet Flows the Una

Buybook Sarajevo, 2011, 218 pages
English translation
Partial French translation

Translation rights sold:  English World Rights (Istros Books), Netherlands (De Geus), Spain (La Huerta Grande), Italy (Mimezis Edizioni), Bulgaria (Era), Poland (Biuro Literackie), Hungary (L’Harmattan), Slovenia (Cankarjeva Založba), Macedonia (Blesok), Croatia (Algoritam), Arabic (Arab Scientific Publishers)

Šehic’s compressed, hypnotic intensity is closest to Tim O’Brien’s Vietnam war novel The Things They CarriedQuiet Flows the Una brands the reader with the same brilliant heat.” —Guardian

Repetition. A Love Story

Naklada Ljevak, 2014, 136 pages
20-page excerpt available in English

Set in one winter night, beginning with the arrival of a more or less unexpected passenger and ending with one of the most poetic scenes in contemporary Croatian literature, Repetition has the discursive traces of a love story, a detective story and an elegy of the victim’s character but it cannot be classified in any of the aforementioned categories; it has a story on its own. 

Singer in the Night

Sandorf, May 2016, 152 pages
Full English and German translation available

Translation rights sold: UK (Istros Books), Italy (L’Asino d’oro edizioni), Germany (Voland&Quist), Serbia (LOM)

Winner of Pen English Award 2020

Singer in the Night is a rich, sensual novel which comments on perception, on how life is really lived – never objectively, never encompassing the whole truth, and yet no less real to us. In its final message, the novel gives a playful warning about the consequences of choosing banality – whether it be nationalism, vanity, or fame – over true human connection.

Sons, Daughters

Corto Literary / Hermes, 2020, 264 pages

30-pages long excerpt in English

Translation rights sold: Orfelin (Serbia), Seven Stories Press (World English), Sellerio (Italy), Libri (Hungary), Paradox (Bulgaria), Antolog (North Macedonia)

Winner of Meša Selimović Award 2021

In the vein of majestic works such as Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides or Margaret Atwood’s prose, the power of this novel lies in the ability of genuine literature to reshape the suppressed using it as a vehicle of personal and collective change. Ivana Bodrožić’ new novel tells a story of being locked in: socially, domestically and intimately, told through three different perspectives.


aka Dreams and Backdrops

Jung und Jung, 2021, 182 pages

Full German manuscript and English sample available

Translation rights sold: World English (Amazon Crossing), Croatia (Fraktura)

A harbour town on the Adriatic serves as a backdrop for dreams which some people use for business, others for films and a few to make their fortune.

Srebrenica. A Story Of Evil

Naklada Ljevak, April 2016, 246 pages
60-pages excerpt available in English

Translation rights sold: Norway (Solum|Bokvennen), Italy (Bottega Errante), Sweden (Ramus), Czech Republic (Albatros)

Outstanding and unflinching documentary novel that follows the events that took place in the course of the three days and nights (between 13 and 16 July 1995) during which almost eight thousand Bosniaks were killed in the area of Srebrenica. The intention of this non-fiction novel is to research and to understand, using literary means, how was it possible for a JNA officer, raised in the spirit of Yugoslavia and genuinely devoted to the Yugoslav ideal and Titoism, to take charge of the operation to kill eight thousand people based exclusively on their ethnicity and religion.

Summers with Maria

Fraktura, Sep 2022, 176 pages
French sample available

Translation rights sold: Serbia (Booka)

Drenched in the Mediterranean sun, Summers with Maria is an auto-fictional history of five generations of women, in the vein of Ginzburg’ Family Lexicon and Munro’s Lives of Girls and Women.


The Children Of Patras

Biblioteka Premijera, Jutarnji List, 2005, 188 pages
complete translation in German and Italian

Translation rights sold: Germany (Folio Verlag), Italy (Zandonai editore), Slovenia (V.B.Z.)

This novel, with a well-rounded and compact plot, deals with a provocative theme: the love between a forty year old highschool teacher and an ill seventeen year old schoolgirl. Although the theme is somewhat controversial and the relationship essentially comic, Feric writes about the true love; the kind of “funny” or strange love that transcends boundaries, questions moral laws, constantly mocking the tragic nature of death.

The Death Of The Little Match Girl

Naklada MD, 2003, 198 pages
complete translation available in English, German, Italian

Translation rights sold: France (Editions Noir sur Blanc), USA (Autumn Hill Books), Germany (Folio Verlag), Italy (Nikita Editore), Slovenia (V.B.Z.), Turkey (Dora Basım Yayın)

A “Mediterranean Twin Peaks”, this social novel with a distincive crime-plot powerfuly provokes a deeply entranched bourgeois taste but is also an allegory for the atmosphere in the entire country of the 90s as the war and death find their very unispected and unusual ways to present.

The Eighth Comissioner

Znanje, 2016, 216 pages

30-pages excerpt available in English

Translations: France (Gaia Editions), Germany (Dittrich Verlag), Slovenia (Mladinska knjiga), Macedonia (Kultura), Serbia (Rende), Ukraine (Folio)

INALCO Institute in Paris Readers’ Prize
Shortlisted for the Littératures Européenes Festival Award in Cognac
National Awards: Kiklop, August Senoa, Ivan Goran Kovacic, Vladimir Nazor, Ksaver Sandor Gjalski
Bestseller in Croatia with a successful movie adaptation that is now Croatian candidate for OSCAR in Best Foreign Language Category

The Eighth Comissioner takes us on a comical, intelligent and passionate dissection of an utopia, Mediterranean style.

Siniša is an ambitious politician who gets involved in a scandal. In order to keep him away from the public eye, the government sends him to Trećić, an isolated Croatian island with no telephone or internet signal. Even worse, Siniša doesn’t speak the dialect. There, he is put in charge of organizing the local elections – a task that seven commissioners before him failed to accomplish.

The Maya Calendar

Profil International, 2011, 603 pages
40 pages excerpts in English
complete translation in German

Translation rights sold: Germany (Folio Verlag), Bulgaria (Avangard Print)

Considered by many to be Ferić’s best work. A novel of wider scope which incorporates a novel about growing up in Zagreb in the fifties and sixties of the last century, a story about the love between Senka and Tihomir that almost lasts a lifetime and a novel about the sexual revolution in the sixties and the seventies. Ferić covers all aspects of life – happiness, love, sorrow, old age and mortality.

The Paper Devils

Profil International, 2011, 374 pages
20-pages excerpt available in English

dynamic plot, idiosyncratic characters and a book with a completely different feel to it, give us the right to assume that the Coen brothers’ cinematic characters have seemingly relocated to the pages of this book.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics

V.B.Z., 2021, 162 pages

Translation rights sold: Bosnia & Herzegovina (Buybook), North Macedonia (Goten Publishing)

The Second Law of Thermodynamics follows a group of writers and their friends, gathered at a dinner party in honor of the special guest, the celebrated American author Jonathan Franzen. In the course of the tumultuous evening, each of them has to share an intimate story, something personal and traumatic never told anyone.

The Travelling Theatre

VBZ, November, 2020, 476 pages

Translation rights sold: Serbia (Booka)

The Traveling Theatre, the fifth novel by Zoran Ferić, a readers’ favorite and one of the most awarded and acclaimed Croatian authors, is an impressive work, a novel that would mark a grand event in any of the great European literatures

A harbour town on the Adriatic serves as a backdrop for dreams which some people use for business, others for films and a few to make their fortune.

There Are No Elephants in Mexico

Fraktura, 2014, 176 pages
four stories available in English

There Are No Elephants in Mexico is a collection of short stories with beguiling dialogues and brilliantly weird characters that once again confirms Zoran Pilić is one of Croatia’s wittiest authors. Without a doubt, these stories will make us laugh but they’ll also subtly lead us to the other, dark side which can’t be seen from Earth and where we rarely dare to set our foot on.


Profil International, 2008, 249 pages
18-pages excerpt available in English
complete German translation

Translation rights sold: Bulgaria (Hermes), Serbia (Rende), Macedonia (Makedonska reč), Slovenia (Beletrina)

For months Three topped the “most read” books lists in Croatia and it won the T-Portal Novel of the Year Award, one of the most prestigious fiction prizes in Croatia. Written in a style manner of Raymond Carver, with a subtle influence of Milan Kundera, this masterful novel about one-but-every love triangle gives us a fascinating and complex portrait of the love demon, the world whose beauty one can`t measure with black and white morality but rather feel under the pulse of the beating heart. 

Under Pressure

Zoro Publisher, 2003, 166 pages
Translation excerpt in English

Translation rights: World English (Istros Books), France (MEET), Macedonia (Blesok)

Šehić’s literary treatment is closest to that of Babel’s and Hemingway’s. Like in Babel’s Red Cavalry, in Šehić’s stories brutality, naturalism and fine lyrical observations are fast cut, with a devastating effect on the reader.

Walt Disney’s Mousetrap

Naklada MD, 1996, 124 pages
one short story available in English
complete translation available in German

Translation rights sold: France (Éditions de l’Éclisse), Germany (Folio Verlag), Poland (Pogranicze Sejny), Ukraine (Lavov), Slovenia (…)

Ten stories in Walt Disney’s Mousetrap present Ferić as a brilliant analyst of stupidity, misconceptions, malice and vulgarity. His revelatory stories hit us right there where it hurts the most and where laughter – freezes.

We Trade Our Night for Someone Else’s Day

Naklada Ljevak, Balkan Noir edition, February 2016, 216 pages

Translation rights sold: World English rights (Seven Stories Press), Serbian (Orfelin)

Ivana Bodrožić, a bestselling and award-winning poet and novelist, through the genre of political thriller, boldly engages to unmask a transitional society, deeply saturated with crime and corruption.