Ivan Komita

Ivan Todorov Georgiev (Ivan Komita) is a Bulgarian journalist, public relations specialist, eco-activist, and ex-booker for X-ground, at one time one of the biggest fashion agencies in Eastern Europe. He graduated from the Technical University of Sofia. Komita also lived for some time in Italy, and the Italian language and culture left a lasting imprint on his life and work. He is the great-grandson of the renowned Bulgarian revolutionary Ivan Hasamski. He now lives in the city of Sofia with his wife and son, who is 5 years old. After a crucial turning point in his life, Ivan Komita undertook a complete personal transformation and started practicing yoga and the Japanese martial art of Shotokan karate-do – an unexpected result of which was the inspiration to write his debut novel Goldfeeder (Хранилка) – published in 2021 by Кnigomania PH, edited by Ina Valchanova. Komita attended the Rabbit Hole Academy of Creative Writing, where his writing style was honed by eminent Bulgarian authors such as Zdravka Evtimova, Rene Karabash, Darin Tenev and Vladimir Zarev. They helped him to improve his writing style and encouraged him as one of the most promising young Bulgarian writers. He is the founder of the campaign It’s Modern to Read, which has gained many followers on social media since its inception in 2019. The initiative is supported by a number of writers and more than 30 prominent people, making it successful in popularizing books and reading among young people.


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Goldfeeder is an authentic story about the world of rich and famous people, the world of fashion and crime, and the story is told from the perspective of the son of one of the richest people in Eastern Europe.

The book also reveals the hidden truth of the situation in the countries beyond the Iron Curtain. Additionally, the book has a trailer reminiscent of that of a box office Hollywood movie. The book is currently being translated into English by Traci Speed, an American-born lecturer at the University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski”. After that the book was published in Amazon, where has climbed for a short time to the 76th position in Amazon’s “Free in Kindle Store” TOP 100 ranking, while at the same time it was in the first position in a total of three categories – Organized Crime, Conspiracy Thrillers, Contemporary Urban Fiction.